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Meyer Selles

How to take good care of your saddle?

Made from French leather from Alsace or Dordogne, Meyer saddles require regular and specific maintenance.

Before first use: it is important to oil all parts of the saddle, except the straps, at least once (ideally 3 times) with oil. Care must be taken to apply the oil to the leather evenly in order to obtain a uniform color.

On a daily basis: It is necessary to clean the saddle with a glycerine soap at least once a week. During the summer, it is advisable to oil the saddle to protect it from drying out caused by the heat. If the saddle is exposed to rain, it should be cleaned with glycerine soap, then allowed to dry and finally, a coat of oil should be applied.

It is also important to keep the saddle in a dry and ventilated place.