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To try our saddles in the USA contact Sylvain Houry +1(305)-407-6633, Beval saddlery is no longer our distributor.

! This concerns our consumers from the USA !

We would like to inform you, that Larry Limoges is not working with us anymore. He is not allowed to sell our brand anymore. Mr Limoges is no longer authorised to collect any payment on our behalf and as such no deposits or payments should be made to him. It is unfortunate, but please spread this information, to avoid misunderstandings. 

If you would like to try our products in the USA, we invite you to contact us directly at this email adress, we will re direct you to the right person. Also find more information on our website in the section « contact ».

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Une largeur d'avance

Acte II
Une conception originale de ses panneaux permet au nouveau modèle MEYER SELLES de libérer les épaules du cheval, lui procurant une aisance optimale.
Les faux-quartiers, renforcés par une plaque de carbone, améliorent encore le contact et le maintien du cavalier.

Interview de Jean-François MEYER sur l'

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- Du 12 au 15 Juillet à Notre Dame d Estrées 
- Du 12 au 15 Juillet à Jumping de Chantilly

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